NIA National  Insulator Show 2017

July 20 - 23 in Colorado Springs, CO

David Baron

Show Co-Host

It is with great pleasure and honor that we welcome you to Colorado Springs and the great Rocky Mountain Front Range for what is no doubt going to be a very memorable event and experience. Though Colorado has hosted several National and Regional insulator shows over the years, it has been 45 long years since Colorado Springs hosted the 2nd NIA National show.  Back in 1971 the hobby was still quite young, and most non collector folks (and some collectors) would tell you they were doubtful that a bunch of folks collecting insulators could gather a crowd large enough to warrant renting the city auditorium. Well, looks like they were proved wrong, and longtime collectors who were there still tell a story of wall to wall tables, and of collectors packed in like sardines with standing room only, and everything from glass and porcelain insulators, go-withs and just about anything imaginable for sale, trade and purchase.. Who could have imagined back then that our hobby would continue to thrive for almost 5 decades now, and grow into the amazing group of folks we proudly call family. 

Michael Green

Show Co-Host

Dan Gauron

Show Host

We hope that this National will provide you the same magical feeling that so many felt 45 years ago, and whether you’ve come in search of treasures or to sell them, we hope that you’ll take away the greatest treasure offered this weekend… the chance to share with others, and enjoy the camaraderie of old and new made friendships. This message would fall short if I didn’t also mention that Colorado is an INCREDIBLE place. Please come a few days early and stay a few days after the show to enjoy our crisp clean Rocky Mountain air, consume some great western cuisine, and take a little time to see and enjoy a few of the many fun things Colorado has to offer. See our “things to do” page for ideas. For those concerned about hauling around sales stock in your car. Contact me to discuss secure storage options.  

Thanks again to all of the dealers, exhibitors, attendees and volunteers for your help, support and donations. Without you, it’s just an empty hall. 

Thank you and good collecting!

Welcome to Beautiful Colorado Springs and the 48th National Insulator Association Convention, Show & Sales Extravaganza